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Finale : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle October 8, 2018
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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Frederick Douglass Wow!! Can’t believe 100 Days already! Time has flown by so quick . And I have defini... read more

Week 9 – 11 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle September 17, 2018
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The most effective way to do it, is to do it. – Amelia Earhart Wow! It has been a of couple interesting, difficult weeks, trying to find the rhythm. From working full-time... read more

Week 7 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle August 17, 2018
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Prioritise Your Downtime. This is key to being as productive as you can be. We all need to re-charge our batteries. Disconnect from the digital world. I worked through the who... read more

Summer Reading Book List : 2018

spaghetticodejungle August 16, 2018
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I guess you all are thinking, it is a bit late for a summer reading book list, but I have worked right through the summer and will be going on holiday, finally!!! 🙂  Some of... read more

Week 6 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle August 13, 2018
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Keep moving forward.  Even though I have missed my personal deadline of putting out this blog post.  🙁 I have just realised something new about myself. I require structure ... read more

Week 5 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle August 4, 2018
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Only thing constant in life is change. This week was all about Java Web fundamentals. I am enjoying that course, as I needed to use my knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java in crea... read more

Week 4 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle July 27, 2018
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“Work even harder when nobody is looking”  As the only one which will hold you accountable is yourself. This week for me has been anything but easy.  Being alone a... read more

Week 3 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle July 20, 2018
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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” –  William Penn Consistency is key. Can’t believe it has been 3 weeks, since i started the #100Da... read more

Week 2 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle July 13, 2018
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“A house is only as strong as the foundation that it is built on”  A lot of this week was spent on focusing, on understanding Collections and when to use them.  Th... read more

Week 1 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle July 6, 2018
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#100DaysOfCode is not a challenge, it is a movement. Going into the #100DaysOfCode, I took it as a challenge to better myself but what I am learning from it, is the support w... read more