Week 3 : #100DaysOfCode

spaghetticodejungle July 20, 2018
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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” –  William Penn

Consistency is key. Can’t believe it has been 3 weeks, since i started the #100DaysOfCode, and I am still enjoying it. The first 2 weeks was a bit tough to get into a routine, and I feel that I am finally getting into a rhythm. Luckily there is not that much going on at work, which gives me a bit more time to sharpen & hone my skills. I also found out that I prefer to code in the mornings which is weird because I always thought that I was  more of a night owl.  Beginning of this week, I found myself looking around at other courses and programmes. Which is normally a sign that I want to move on, and I am getting bored. So, I made it my mission to complete the modules in the Java path which I am following on Pluralsight. Only to find out, the questions which I had about the encompassing build tools were answered in those modules.


Trust the process. 


This is probably the most important thing that I have learnt this week. Trust the process. However, always  re-evaluate if you are  learning something, and constantly question the importance of what you  are learning. As learning a new skill takes time, so don’t waste it by just going through the motions. Today as a reward, I started taking a look at the fundamentals of Android development. Mobile development is something that I am quite interested in. Next week i will be continuing on the Java Path.

For anyone interested in the #100 Days of Code challenge – http://www.100daysofcode.com/

How is your #100Days of code challenge going?


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