Finale : #100DaysOfCode

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Frederick Douglass

Wow!! Can’t believe 100 Days already! Time has flown by so quick . And I have definitely grown in these 100 Days, so much has happened.

What I have learnt from this experience is to always keep pushing and to not be afraid of trying new things. As, well as sometimes, you just need to scale things down don’t take up too many things at once. This leads to spreading yourself to thin, which in turn makes it harder to give 100 %.

Towards the end of this challenge, I began taking taking up a lot of different things, like started studying a masters, which is something that i was considering to do for quite some time. Would have been great for me a few years back but  I was beginning to feel that I was taking on too many new things, as I also just bought a farm as well. 😲 That is when I decided to stop my masters studies.  The most import lesson I have learned from this is I have to prioritize my goals, as time is a finite thing.

What is next for me tech wise, well. I will be seeing what I can build with these new found skills. Hopefully, build some new and interesting things. I have been focusing on Spring Boot as  I find the documentation to be good, as well you can combined frontend and backend as well.  I have been experimenting with a H2 database + Spring Boot + Vue.js. It seems quite promising.

In terms of this blog,this will continue to be my tech journal. There will definitely be new and interesting things coming up, stay tuned…..

Once again, If you haven’t tried or are considering doing the 100 days of Code challenge. I would highly recommend it! Great way to learn coding and there is a great community of people taking the challenge as well.

For anyone interested in the #100 Days of Code challenge –

Hope you enjoyed following my journey!


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