This Message Will Self-Destruct in 3…2..1

A co-worker introduced me to this great little service created by apogeeinvent, called . Whereby you could send sensitive text based information securely, like usernames, passwords, etc. It reminds me of the old spy movies like mission impossible, where the message would self destruct after it has been read. The notes are encrypted before they are stored on the server and then a segment of the key is incorporated into the link. Once the link is clicked on, and the information has been read, it is destroyed.

Which means that even if another person received the same link afterwards it would not work. 3-Step Process: 

Step 1: Fill out the form with your sensitive information and click on the generate link button.

Step 2: Copy the generated link and send the url to your recipient using email, facebook messenger, whatsapp, slack,etc

Step 3: When the recipient clicks the link she/he is forwarded to‘s website. The recipient clicks on the view Note button. The information is then displayed and destroyed from the system. This info cannot be retrieved by employees.

I have been trying to think of ways in which I could use this, like sharing bank details with your family, friends. Perhaps, this could be used by freelancers/businesses to share sensitive information with their clients.

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