Week 5 : #100DaysOfCode

Only thing constant in life is change.

This week was all about Java Web fundamentals. I am enjoying that course, as I needed to use my knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java in creating servlets. I found myself reading up on MVC architecture patterns, you know the tech is interesting when you are away from social media.  It made me see how important it was to go through Java fundamentals first, as it gave me a better grasp of how a web service is put together. Hoping, maybe next week I could possibly learn the Spring framework. This week was also the week I needed to decide if I was going to do a masters in web technologies or not. The whole summer I have been going back and forth in my mind  of, if this is really the right decision. As, it demands a lot of time & commitment.

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” —Tony Robbins

I have decided to do it. Not because it will look good on a CV, but more for the skills & knowledge I will be  getting out of it. Yes, many people would say it is not worth it, because it is expensive and takes too much time to do a masters and you could just  self-study, bootcamp, etc. This comes down to what your goals are in life. But if you have that as an option, and you really want to go deeper into a field, I think this is a viable option. But I am still committed to the #100DaysOfCode, even more so. As, I will be branching into web technologies…. Wish Me luck! 🙂 For anyone interested in the #100 Days of Code challenge – http://www.100daysofcode.com/ How is your #100Days of code challenge going?

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